Artist Profile: Braden Denton / by Helen Grant

Writer: Helen Grant


As one Resonator regular put it: "Art by Braden Denton: Total Mystery. Maybe Alien. Complete Enigma. Friend and Colleague. Not a Vampire."

A quick Q/A with our featured artist for the January Art Walk:

Q. What is your artist statement for this show?
A. I don't really believe in artist statements to be honest. If I could express myself well enough with my words, I wouldn't have to make art. I guess right now my work is about love, growth, & play.

Q. What compelled you to put it together?
A.  Artists are supposed to share their work!

Q. What is something you’d like for audiences to take away from this event and your work?
A. That I love them, hopefully.

Q. What do you want to focus on moving forward?
A. Writing a story.

Q. Do you have links to other works, video, or a website you would like to share?